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Best known for factual content creation and documentary projects, we strive to create  sponsored projects focused on nature, conservation, environmental awareness and culturally  based anthropology content for TV distribution to regional and global markets featuring the  Arab world and Indian Ocean Region. 


More than just TV, we also aim to support our project’s with Social Media and education links designed to carry important much needed messages about the natural world  to viewers. Since most of these projects are ground-breaking and unprecedented, we are often ahead of our time and pioneers in cause-driven concepts.


We have produced content for Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, BBC World, Quest Arabiya, CNN, Dubai TV, Kuwait TV, OSN/Showtime, MBC & Al Arabiya News Channel, Oman TV and Star TV.


In the world of Commercial Video and Corporate Film production, Wild Planet has a strong  niche in the travel, tourism, hospitality and leisure sectors, where we are able to synergise our skills  and expertise in destination style films, making use of our intimate knowledge of the environment, wildlife and natural history fields, underwater filming, cultural and heritage  sensitivities and strong graphic design acumen.


Some of our clients include Le Meridien Hotels and Resorts, Starwoods, Dubai Commerce  and Tourism Marketing Authority, Oman Ministry of Tourism, Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority, Gulf Ventures, Al Maha Desert Resort, etc.


Our long-standing history in destination films spans more than 20 years starting with the very first official destination films for Dubai and Oman's Ministry of Tourism.




Pre-Production: Conceptualization, design, research and writing for any form of AV or media  project.


Production: All forms of filming, team creation with appropriate crew capable of handling any level of production – from corporate video, Digital Media and Viral videos, 360 VR shooting,  TV documentaries, Tourism Destination Films, Underwater Filming Services, Drone filming  and Time lapse set-ups.


Post Production: Media Management, Off-line and on-line editing, grading and colour  correction, audio mix and mastering, etc. Includes graphics, titles, 2D and 3D animation,360VR stitching and editing,  etc.


TV Project Development: This refers to the  creation of original concepts for programming, factual content and documentaries; for both regional and international TV markets.

Business Development: This refers to the pursuit of corporate & commercial projects,  sponsorship for TV projects and sourcing commissioned content from current client lists and future prospects.


JAK is an extremely charismatic director who is energised by his love of both marine life and film. It is always a pleasure working with such a relaxed individual who has a great eye for the look and story of a film. His company, Wild Planet Films, is aiming to produce the first high quality natural history content to come out of the Middle East. Where better to start looking for the regions incredible wildlife stories than underwater and Jonathan is by far the best person to reveal them. ”​

Tom Stephens

Assistant Film Director for



Wild Planet Films is a full service creative ‘Content Provider’ providing full Video Production services with a capacity to provide the following range of  activities:


  • Commissioned Documentary Film Development & Production for TV channels

  • Self-Originated TV Project Development

  • Corporate Video Production

  • 360VR Video Production Services

  • Full camera crew and Production Services – working with all equipment and mediums.

  • Editing and Post-Production Services – through all stages

  • Digital Media production, implementation & content management for online applications

  • Web Design and Social Media Content Creation

  • Script-writing and Research Services

  • Marketing and Business Development Liaison

Vitavelli, Maldives - when it comes to the dive travel industry,  imagery such as this speaks a thousand words. Pic by Warren Baverstock



The Middle East & Indian Ocean region are filled with complex social and traditional values that require a capacity for cultural understanding and sensitivity. A rich tapestry of heritage and history has shaped a region  filled with amazing destinations.

For many, the misunderstood perception of Arabia as a desert filled sand box with little diversity  has made the task of promoting a rapidly growing sophisticated tourism infrastructure a little tough  and challenging. As filmmakers, we have embraced that challenge over the years, producing films  that define the core values of this region.

Most of our commercial video & film production has been focused on the tourism, travel & hospitality sectors, having produced numerous award winning destination films for  government authorities and hotels, DMC's and tour companies.

With the evolution of eco-tourism in the region, synergy between tourism projects with our natural history approach has created countless commercial opportunities over the last few years.

Previously, we developed a specialization for destination films for emerging tourism markets. Given our extensive knowledge and sensitivity of regional cultures, we have been able to  guide destinations such as the Sultanate of Oman and Sharjah during their launch to the  global travel industry market.

The essence of a destination film captures the core values of that destination, imbuing a definitive set of visuals with culture, heritage, environment, facilities, hospitality and unique  POS that characterize the destination itself. In addition, we add activities and interest sector specialities designed to enhance the destination making it attractive and relevant to specific markets.


We make no excuses for being a family oriented business based on shared interests and our love for animals and the welfare of our natural world.



Having worked with Digicomm in Dubai on the creation of the world's first 360VR Zoo in the Dubai Mall's Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, featuring 12 fully immersive encounters with endangered species, we are now developing exciting new and unique 360 experiences...